Written by Rebecca Roberts Heacock married to Jonathan Heacock. Copy in the possession of Dian D. (Nelson) Wright, Doni@TWSGraphics.com. 757-549-2542


JOHN ROBERT'S short account of his family:

            A short account of JOHN ROBERTS, formerly of Llyn, being son of RICHARD ROBERTS and grandson of ROBERT THOMAS MORRIS, who lived at Colwyn, in the Parrish of "LLanengan" and County of Carnarvon, Wales, my Mother being MARGARET EVANS, of the Parish of Llanengan and the County aforesaid.

            I, being convinced of God's everlasting Truth & not by man nor through man & about the year 1677; but by the revelation of Jesus Christ upon my own heart, being about 30 miles from an Friend, or Meeting, at the time when I was convinced; but coming into acquaintance with Friends, I frequented their Meetings while I abode in those parts.

            By the Providence of God in the year 1683, I transported myself with many of my friends for Pennsylvania, where I and they arrived 16th Day of Ninth Month & commonly called November & 1683, being about 35 years of age and settled myself at the place I called "Pencoyd", in the the Township of Merion, Montgomery County, which was afterwards called so by them, being the first Settlers of it, having brought with me one servant man from my Native Country; and settling here. I took to wife GANOR PUGH, daughter of ROBERT PUGH from Llyndeddwidd, near Bala, in Merionethshire, her mother being ELIZABETH WILLIAM OWEN, one of the First that was convinced of the Truth in the neighborhood.

            So, leaving this account for our offspring and others who desire to know from whence we came and who we are descended from; and how we came to settle in this place where we now abide, being then a wilderness; but now, by God's Blessing being upon our endeavors, has become a Fruitful Field to His Name be the Praise, Honor and Glory forever and Forevermore.


The account continues by REBECCA ROBERTS HEACOCK written in 1889

The following is a record of the marriage and death of the foregoing JOHN and GANOR ROBERTS; and the birth, marriage and death of as many of their posterity as I could procure:

The foregoing JOHN ROBERTS and GANOR PUGH were married at a Meeting of Friends in Lower Merion on the 20th Day of First Month & commonly called March & 1684, being the first marriage of Friends at that place.

            ROBERT ROBERTS, their son, was born 15th Day of 12th Month & February 1685.

            ELIZABETH ROBERTS, their daughter, was born 21st of 1st Month, 1692. No record of when she married or when she died.


            ROBERT ROBERTS and SIDNEY REESE were married 17th Day of the 4th Month & June 1709.


JOHN ROBERTS, their son, was born 20th Day, 4th Month & June 1710.

REBECCA, his wife, daughter of JONATHAN JONES, was born 21st Day of 2nd Month & April 1709.
They were married at a Meeting of Friends in Lower Merion, 5th Mo. 4th, 1733.

Their Children                                  Born        Died     Extra Notes

JONATHAN ROBERTS                   1734           - -       M

GANOR ROBERTS                         1735         1761     F


ROBINSON, Ganor.  Plymouth, Co. of Philadelphia.  Widow. 

April 29, 1761.  May 6, 1761.  M.105. Beneficiaries:  Ellis Hugh, Joshua Richards, Margaret Jackson, Jacob,
John and Robert Roberts, Henry Cunrod, Joshua Dickinson and Plymoth Meeting.  Exec:  Joseph Jones.
Wit:  James Stroud, Joseph Dickinson.)

ALBAN ROBERTS                         1738         1772     M

ELIZABETH ROBERTS                  1740         1774     F & married to John Palmer

MARY ROBERTS                          1742                     F

TACY ROBERTS                           1744         1791     F & wife to Wm. Palmer

BENJAMIN ROBERTS                   1746                     M

JOHN ROBERTS                           1747         1813     M

ROBERT ROBERTS                      1749         1793     M

ALGERNON ROBERTS                  1750         1815     M

FRANKLIN ROBERTS                    1752         1774     M

EDWARD ROBERTS                      1755         1825     M [my direct ancestor]

JOHN ROBERTS, the original settler, died 6th mo. 6th, 1724 aged 67 yrs.

GANOR [PUGH] ROBERTS, his wife, died 2nd mo. 20th, aged about 69. [no yr. given]


            ROBERT ROBERTS died 3rd mo. 17th, 1769, aged 82 yrs and 20 days.

            SIDNEY [REESE] ROBERTS died 6th mo. 29th, 1764, aged 76 yrs, 2 Mos.


                        JOHN ROBERTS died 1st mo. 13th, 1776, aged 65 yrs. 7 mo. and 3 days

                        REBECCA [JONES] ROBERTS died 12th mo. 8th, 1779, aged 69 yrs. 7 mo. and 7 days.



EDWARD ROBERTS [son of John Roberts & Rebecca Jones] died 4th mo. 14th, 1825, aged 70 yrs. 3 mo. and 13 days.
EDWARD ROBERTS and ELIZABETH FURGISON were married 4th mo. 8th, 1784, she being his first wife, and she
departed this life 4th mo. 24th, 1799, aged about 48 years.

Their children:

JOHN ROBERTS, their first child, was
born 1st mo. 17th, 1787 and died 8th mo. 3rd, 1829. [buried 12th St. Phila FBG]

JONATHAN ROBERTS, their second son, was
born 4th mo. 1st, 1788 and died 9th mo. 4th, 1789.

MARY ROBERTS, their first daughter, was
born 8th mo. 28th, 1789 and died 8th mo. 3rd, 1790.

THOMAS ROBERTS, their third son, was
born 7th mo. 25th, 1791 and died 8th Mo. 5th, 1791.


[Rebecca Roberts] My Father, EDWARD ROBERTS and my Mother MARGARET TAGGART
were married 6th mo. 5th, 1803 [5 Jun 1803], she being his second wife.

Their children:

REBECCA ROBERTS, their first daughter was

born 12th mo. 12th, 1804 [12 Dec 1804.

EDWARD ROBERTS, their first son, was

born 12th mo. 27th, 1807 27 Dec 1807, and died 6 months later [Jun 1808].

MARGARET ROBERTS, their second daughter, was

born 2nd mo. 24th, 1810 [24 Feb 1810], and died 7th mo. 22, 1811 [22 Jul 1811].


[Rebecca Roberts] My mother, MARGARET TAGGART ROBERTS died 6th mo. 4th, 1819 [4 Jun 1819], aged 54.

[Rebecca Roberts] My mother and Two children are buried in Springfield Burying Ground.

[Rebecca Roberts] My father and some Uncles and Aunts are buried in Merion, PA.

[Rebecca Roberts] My brother, JOHN [ROBERTS, son of Edward Roberts & Elizabeth Furgison],
in 12th Street, Philadelphia Burying Ground for Friends.


Extra Note: In June 1811, REBECCA ROBERTS, her mother, MARGARET TAGGART ROBERTS, and her brother and sister,
with the consent of her father, EDWARD ROBERTS, through the application of my mother, became members of the Society of Friends
of Chester Monthly Meeting of Friends, he, taking up arms, lost his membership & although not formerly disowned.

The above REBECCA ROBERTS was not a birthright member of The Society of Friends, as her father, EDWARD ROBERTS,
married out of meeting, as his wife, MARGARET TAGGART, was a Presbyterian.

REBECCA ROBERTS HEACOCK, had no brothers or sisters to live & all her brothers and sisters had died by 1889
when she wrote her family genealogy.






A short account of the TAGGART FAMILY.


Grandparents: DAVID and ELIZABETH HENRY, resided in Coleraine County, Londonderry, Ireland, in the year 1764.

Parents: ARCHIBALD TAGGART and MARY HENRY were married and came from Ireland to America, and brought with them
his daughter, ELIZABETH, by a former wife, and landed in Philadelphia in August 1764.
The TAGGART's are buried in Philadelphia, Pine Street Presbyterian Burying Ground.

            MARGARET TAGGART, their first daughter was born 6th mo. 28th, 1767.

            (Named after Archibald's mother.)





JONATHAN HEACOCK and Wife [Hannah Pyle] settled on the farm in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, 1785 [which is still in the Heacock name in 1866].

            Their children were:

Sons: Joseph, Benjamin, Nathan, Isaac, Jonathan, Israel, Jacob and John.

Daughters: Sarah, Hannah, Phoebe and Ann.

JACOB and JONATHAN went to OHIO; married and left children.

ISAAC left one daughter — ELIZA.

ISRAEL married and left five daughters and two sons (twins).


SARAH married a man named [HENRY] WOOD. No children.

HANNAH never married.

PHOEBE married BENJAMIN BARTRAM and left children.

ANN married HOWARD WILLIAMS and left children.



JOSEPH, son of JONATHAN and HANNAH HEACOCK was born 7th mo. 23rd, 1773. MARY HUMPHRIES, his wife, born 9th mo. 20th, 1774.

They were married 10th mo. 25th, 1795.

REBECCA HEACOCK, first daughter, born 8th mo. 20th, 1796 [20 Aug 1796].

JONATHAN HEACOCK, first son, born 3rd mo. 29th, 1798 [29 Mar 1798] [my direct ancestor]

SARAH ANN HEACOCK, born 3rd mo. 20th, 1800 [20 Mar 1800], died 4th mo. 20th, 1802 [20 Apr 1802].

Buried in Friend's Burying Ground, Darby, Pa.

DANIEL HEACOCK, born 7th mo. 10th, 1804 [10 Jul 1804]. Died young.

HANNAH HEACOCK, born 1st mo. 19th, 1807 [19 Jan 1807] and died 1808. Buried in Friend's Burying Ground, Darby, Pa.

MARY HEACOCK born 3rd mo. 30th, 1810 [30 Mar 1810] and died 10th mo. 5th, 1833 [5 Oct 1833].
Buried in Friend's Burying Ground, Darby, Pa.

ELIZABETH HEACOCK, wife of JAMES HOUSTON, born 4th mo. 3rd, 1812 [3 Apr 1812].

JOSEPH, born 2nd mo. 19th, 1819 [19 Feb 1819], married MARIA BREND, daughter of JACOB BREND.

No children.

[Extra Note written by _____ Powell: This is the Aunt Maria that used to visit your Uncle Ellis in Swarthmore; and whose Estate,
Ellis Yarnall was Administrator for. Your Grandmother, Mary Heacock Yarnall, was named for Mary Heacock above, the sister of her father.]



JONATHAN HEACOCK married REBECCA ROBERTS, daughter of EDWARD ROBERTS at Darby Meeting, 4th mo. 7th, 1825.
[This is the Rebecca who wrote these records.]

            The following are the children of Jonathan and Rebecca Heacock:

MARGARET ROBERTS HEACOCK, first daughter, born 4th mo. 6th, 1826 [6 Apr 1826] in what is now called
"Strawberry Mansion" in Blockley Township, Philadelphia Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

EDWARD ROBERTS HEACOCK born 1st mo. 27th, 1828 [27 Jan 1828], died 10th mo. 2nd, 1828 [2 Oct 1828].
Also born there. It was called "George's Farm" but now "George's Hill". He was buried in Darby, Pa.

MARY H. HEACOCK born 4th mo. 3rd, 1830 [3 Apr 1830] in Darby Township, now called Sharon Hill, Pa.

JOSEPH ROBERTS HEACOCK, second son, born 1832.

EDWARD ROBERTS HEACOCK, third son,born 10th mo. 28th, 1834 [28 Oct 1834].

JAMES [HOUSTON] HEACOCK, fourth son, born 4th mo. 3rd, 1840 [3 Apr 1840.

[Extra Note from ___ Powell : He is the one whom your father called "Uncle Jim" and who moved to Kansas.]

JONATHAN HEACOCK, fifth son, born 4th mo. 3rd, 1840 [3 Apr 1840].

REBECCA ROBERTS HEACOCK, third daughter, born 12th mo. 27th, 1842 [27 Dec 1842].

SAMUEL [JOHN] HEACOCK, sixth son, born 4th mo. 5th, 1847 [5 Apr 1847].
He also later in life moved to Kansas, near Emporia [Olpe].




GEORGE ROBERTS POWELL was born 11th mo. 1st, 1849. There were 9 other children. Last born in 1870.



MARY H. HEACOCK and WILLIAM PORTER YARNALL, son of ELLIS YARNALL, were married 3rd mo. 1st, 1855.

Their children are:

EVA YARNALL born 12th mo. 15th, 1855. died 12th mo. 17th, 1855.

ELLIS W. YARNALL born 6th mo. 20th, 1857. [Died 10 Jul 1941, aged 84 years.]

REBECCA ROBERTS YARNALL born 10th mo. 31st, 1858. Died 4th mo. 6th, 1864.

EDGAR M. YARNALL born 11th mo. 17th, 1861. [Died 30 Aug 1928.]

JONATHAN H. YARNALL born 8th mo. 7th, 1865. died 1866. Aged 9 mos.

MARY LILIAN YARNALL, wife of Samuel S. DeCo__. [Died 4 Nov 1916, age 48 yrs.]


MARY HEACOCK YARNALL died 10 Apr 1885, was buried in Friend's Burying Ground in Concordville, Pa.. Aged 55 years.

WILLIAM P. YARNELL died 12 Mar 1900, age 70 years.



JONATHAN HEACOCK, my dear husband, died 9th mo. 27th, 1853 [27 Sep 1853], aged 55 yrs.

JOSEPH HEACOCK, his father, died 6th mo. 28th, 1843 [28 Jun 1843]. Aged 70 yrs.